What is Corculture?

Corculture is Buddhism for the West. Raw Buddhism is understanding and freeing yourself from suffering. Buddhism has reinvented itself for many cultures; Corculture is the reinvention of Buddhism for the scientific revolution.

Corculture is a perspective that provides an ethical framework and a sense of wonder at your place in the universe. It includes nothing added onto the world - there is no belief to defend. In fact, Corculture is ceasing to defend your beliefs. This is called Right View.

Corculture has suggestions, not commandments. They guide you to a peaceful state of mind, free from suffering. Don’t take anyone’s word for what’s right for you - try it, pay deep attention, and see the results. These aren’t idle suggestions - they work, consistently. They’re the product of thousands of years of insight into human nature. And they will only work for you if you put them to the test, bring them into your practice.

Your practice is your ongoing effort to be the Buddha. Your practice is the heart of Corculture, and your benefit is the fruit of your practice. Your practice is not for anyone else’s benefit (although it benefits everyone). Your practice will take different forms, but is always ongoing. Sometimes your practice is meditation. Next perhaps it’s reading lessons. Perhaps next it is doing your day job, while staying aware of yourself, your motivations, your environment, and the mental formations for accomplishing your job, all separately. Sometimes your practice is resting, taking a break from the practice. Always your practice is paying attention.

What is Corculture’s place in the world?

Corculturists act to eliminate suffering in the world, starting with their own. We eliminate personal suffering by means of our practice. Part of our practice also is to eliminate suffering of others, by providing services, by evangelizing, by teaching others, and by researching.

Providing services

Corculture seeks to provide any service that helps eliminate suffering. This may take the form of counseling, housing, food, education, health care, or essentially anything else that alleviates suffering, or that is a prerequisite to eliminating suffering altogether.


Evangelizing in Corculture doesn’t involve defending a belief system, or urging others to believe without question. Evangelizing means demonstrating the benefits of practice, correcting misconceptions about Corculture, and showing basic techniques that an interested beginner can use to explore what value Corculture has for them.


We teach others how to practice, and how to practice better, as well as basic tools to improve your life such as anger management, practical skills, basic mindfulness, research skills, how to start a business, how to navigate bureaucracies such as college admission or medical insurance, etc.


Corculture is about being honest with ourselves. Science is the best way we’ve found so far to investigate our shared reality. Corculture is dedicated to advancing the state of science, in particular to finding better ways to practice. Corculture brings in new ways of practice, or changes emphasis on which ways are most beneficial, by taking lessons from other traditions and through scientific research.